The IntelliJ IDEA Purchase

The IntelliJ IDEA Purchase

This a rant/story about my decision making process that led to the purchase an awesome all-purpose IDE: JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA.

The Dilemma

For my Python Django development, I have been using PyCharm. I absolutely love the IDE, so I decided to try out WebStorm for the web design foundation of this site. Once I started integration of the design with WordPress, I needed PHP support, so I went on and tried PhpStorm. It’s just as awesome as the other IDEs.

After all the trial periods expired, the dilemma was created: Pay for the full version or find new free software.

If I buy all three, it would cost me: $99 (PyCharm) + $49 (WebStorm) + $99 (PhpStorm) = $247

Too much for me. Maybe I could save somehow? Do I really need all of these? Actually I don’t. I don’t need WebStorm, since PhpStorm is basically WebStorm + PHP.

Cool. That brought it down to: $99 (PyCharm) + $99 (PhpStorm) = $198

Still a lot though of money, and difficult to justify. PASS…

The Discovery

Along came a tweet by @jetbrains:

Need more reasons to buy great tools from JetBrains? April 15-22, Get up to 50% OFF and support #EarthDay!…

Sweet! 40% off PyCharm and PhpStorm with this deal: $99 (PyCharm) + $99 (PhpStorm) * 40% OFF = $118

Then, I realized I will also have to annually renew the products at $59 / each to keep up to date… So over 2 years, I will be paying: $118 (PyCharm + PhpStorm + 40% OFF) + $59 (PyCharm Renewal) + $59 (PhpStorm Renewal) = $236

Again still seems like alot, however, I noticed that this thing called IntelliJ IDEA was marked 50% OFF. Well, what is IntelliJ IDEA? And for 50% off? Kind of hard to pass up what seems like a great deal.

I looked into this and discovered it’s a Java IDE and costs $199 non-discounted with $99 renewals. Boo. It seems rather expensive for something I could get for free by sticking with Eclipse and NetBeans… So why is that?

More clicking and I discovered, it also supports Python + PHP via plugins that are kept up to date alongside their standalone IDEs. It also has the same slick UI and smart code completion that PyCharm, WebStorm, and PhpStorm all have! (Actually, there’s much more to IntelliJ IDEA, the things I have mentioned are just things that would be useful for me.)

The Decision

So if I were to make this switch, I wouldn’t need PyCharm, WebStorm, or PhpStorm. Oh yeah, also goodbye Eclipse and NetBeans. One new software to replace a handful of my current ones. That’s simplicity right there. So far so good…

Now with 50% off, over 2 years: $99 (IntelliJ IDEA) + $99 (Renewal) = $198

Obviously, this beat the pants off all previous prices, so it’s something I just can’t and won’t pass on.

Now I’m a happy and proud owner of IntelliJ IDEA! Thanks @jetbrains for making your product so awesome (and for the great deal)!

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