Review: Git Clients for Mac - Tower vs SourceTree

Review: Git Clients for Mac - Tower vs SourceTree

Recently, I have been playing around with Git clients to try to improve my productivity. Here’s a quick rundown on my experience with two Git clients: Tower and SourceTree. I spent 30 days with each client to fully familiarize and evaluate the products.

Before my review, I’d like to rant a little bit about using Git clients:

Using a Git client should not be a way to avoid learning Git via command line; it should be a tool to improve your productivity. Having said that, using a Git client is a great starting point for learning the basic concepts of Git.

It is essential to know your way around Git via command line, as sometimes you may not have the luxury of having a client around. Sometimes doing things via command line is quicker than clicking around on a client. Also sometimes what you trying to do may not exist in a particular client, but can be done via command line.

My quick review lies after the jump.