The IntelliJ IDEA Purchase

The IntelliJ IDEA Purchase

This a rant/story about my decision making process that led to the purchase an awesome all-purpose IDE: JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA.

The Dilemma

For my Python Django development, I have been using PyCharm. I absolutely love the IDE, so I decided to try out WebStorm for the web design foundation of this site. Once I started integration of the design with WordPress, I needed PHP support, so I went on and tried PhpStorm. It’s just as awesome as the other IDEs.

After all the trial periods expired, the dilemma was created: Pay for the full version or find new free software.

The story continues...


Basic PostgreSQL Commands


$ psql -h [hostname] -p [port]
# Default port: 543


$ psql -h localhost

Create DB

$ CREATE DATABASE [database_name];

Delete DB

$ DROP DATABASE [database_name];


$ \q


Alfred 2 Chrome Incognito Workflow

Alfred is a supercharged version of Spotlight. I highly recommend it, as it has saved me many tedious mouse clicks, and has become indispensable in my everyday productivity.

Anyways, Alfred 2 was recently released, so I decided to upgrade to check out its newly added Workflow feature.

One of my most handy Alfred 1.x extensions was drezha’s Launch Chrome Incognito.

I converted this extension to a workflow, since extensions are not supported in Alfred 2, so get it now!